Opening hours

Monday – Friday  7.00am – 12.00pm, 4.00pm – 9.00pm

Saturday   8.00am – 12.00pm

Sunday  CLOSED

How much is a membership?

There is no membership in place at the moment. We have a new booking system available for you. Simply go to www.smartfitnessathlone.ie, choose time and date suitable for your training. Book in advance as many training sessions as you wish. (monthly calendar). All training sessions have to be prepaid. Calendar available online. Pre Booking essential.

Is gym busy and overcrowded?

Due to COVID-19 strict public measures are in place. Our gym can accommodate only 4 people per hour. Because of this you will never wait for equipment you want to use and never feel intimidated by an overcrowded gym.

What safety COVID – 19 measures are in place and am I safe to train in Smart Fitness?

Body temperature check on arrival, disinfectant stations available( sprays, gloves, wipes, etc…) Gym is divided into 6 separate sections (1 person per section )  On re-opening all COVID-19 government guidelines will be adhered to.

What is the price for single gym pass?

€8 per hour per person – pre-booking and prepay essential 

How can I book training session in Smart Fitness Athlone?

            All booking to be made online. Steps available at www.smartfitnessathlone.ie

Do you provide training plans?

Tailored and personalised training plans available on request

Do you provide Personal Training session ( 1 to 1)?

PT sessions available on request ( contact us )

Do you provide fitness group classes?

Group classes available as 6 week course with limited spaces. Book and pay upfront

 How to book PT ( 1 to 1 ) session?

Contact us for further info.

Do I have to pay for consultation?

Contact us for free consultation

Do you provide body composition measurements?

Body composition measurements available on request. 

Cancellations and refunds

For cancelation contact us minimum 24h beforehand. Re scheduling available. No refund policy.

How much is PT session?

PT sessions starts from €35 per session 

Is changing room and shower facility available?

Unfortunately changing room and shower not available in Smart Fitness Athlone